Maskwacîs Dictionary of Cree Words / Nêhiyaw Pîkiskwêwinisa
Maskwachees Cultural College, Maskwacîs, 2009

Acknowledgements (from the printed version)

This dictionary was developed by the Cree Language Program of Maskwachees Cultural College. The chief developer was Linda S. Saddleback. In the work of compiling this book, Linda consulted with community Elders and language experts. In particular, valued advice was given by Elder Mrs. Amelia Potts.

Assistance in the preparation of the manuscript for publication was given by Beatrice Dennehy and Linda Oldpan in reviewing the language portions, to Christine Hundter for preparing the pronunciation guide, and to Bernice Littlechild, Elaine Roasting, Peter Hyde, Geraldine Hill, and Sharon Miller for technical production and advice. Walter Lightning is thanked for his continuing enthusiasm and encouragement.